The Australian Road Trip Adventures

Day One, 16Dec16

Josh and I drove just over 500km yesterday in 5.5 hours. Well, I should clarify, Josh drove just over 500km, I was along for the ride.

Our journey brought us from Brisbane clear west across Queensland to Moree in New South Wales.

Listening to Outlander on my phone Josh and I drunk in a constantly changing landscape – lush river-fed farmland, sleepy Valley riddled with orchards and livestock, immediate and steep single-vein mountain range, thick jungle alight with singsong birds reminiscent of the jurassic era, stark empty grasslands, and eucalyptus lined roads. We passed wild kangaroos, galas, cockatoos, domesticated cows, goats, sheep, and an assortment of wallabie/roo roadkill.

I took several stabs at butchering the pronunciation of place names with tons of vowels while Josh manhandled pulling the trailer like a handsome professional.

We stopped midway for a quick roadside sandwich – salami, cheddar and aioli- which Josh made immensely better with the addition of crushed salt and vinegar chips.

Pulling into Moree we were both tired and pleasantly greeted by Josh’s excellent campground choice for the night. The place included access to pristine artesian-fed mineral baths! Several hot tubs full of the clear water were set at various temperatures and we relaxed in the 37 and 39 degree baths giggling at how slick the mineral water made our skin. Yes, we were tired.

Dinner was brats cooked up over the neat stove grill Josh bought me. We retired early since we had a long driving day the next day. The swag we borrowed from the Cunninghams was warm, comfortable, and the drizzling rain lulled us both to sleep at the end of our long awaited first day of mcandjbontour.


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