The Australian Road Trip Adventures

Day Five, 20Dec16

Phew. Thankful for time-zones and inaccurately remembering the length of travel today. Josh and I woke relatively late today, rolling out of the tent and packing ready to go by 0800. We then hitched the trailer to our blue truck, now a sandy-blue caped in a thin filament of dust. Customarily I stood behind the trailer to check the lights as Josh pressed the blinkers and brakes. Unfortunately the lights did not register. Forty-five minutes later exhausted from our own knowledge of tinkering Josh and I were still without proper connection between the trailer and truck.

We drove to the mechanic, a busy oil-splashed garage and within an hour the connectors- coroded- were flushed, cleaned and our problem fixed.

We hit the road from Streaky Bay towards Eucla by 1000 and we’re concerned having thought our trek today would be 09 hours. Thankfully, when we plugged our destination into the navigation app we were met with the relieving revelation that our drive today was actually only six hours.


And so we set out, directly west and for the most part never straying more than an eyesight’s distance from the ocean coast.


The day remained chilly and exceptionally blustery. By noon we had stopped for sausage rolls in a tiny shorefront village, it’s main road festively playing Christmas carols. And then, within minutes of leaving the small town we were embraced by the Nullabor Plain.

This treeless expanse is daunting and terribly exhausting. The ground hard packed and beige the terrain is covered by shrubs, greyed in the sun and looking as though they would tear at your skin if you were to walk through them in shorts.


Although massive caution signs warned that for hundreds of kilometers this expanse of Australia hosts kangaroos, wombats, emus and camels – we never encountered a single animal today.


The caravan park was fabulous. About two kilometers away from the ocean, we could see the foaming blue waves from our campsite. We passed the afternoon and evening away by playing pool, watching trivia, and chatting with a fellow traveling couple in the park’s pub. It was an easy day all in all, and although our drive was relatively short, we turned in early with heavy eyelids.


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