The Australian Road Trip Adventures

Day Seven, 22Dec16

Our final day of driving!

We accomplished our final day of road trip today, rolling into Freemantle just before 1600 after nearly eight hours of north-westerly driving.

Esperance in the morning was sleepy and empty much like a small town usually is before 0900. We grabbed trusty mcdonalds and hit the road!

Today’s drive took us through flat pancakes – golden hued harvested crop land that stretched for miles in every direction. This terrain was only ever interrupted by the tree-lined highway where bark shredded from thin craggy trunks and littered the ground in a black hue as if a brush fire recently rolled through.

Besides the occasional sheep or blue tongue lizard we rarely saw animals in this dry area. Until, of course, Josh and I saw the most awesome animal we’d seen this whole adventure! Propped among a glimmering field of yellow stood a massive black shadow, thick in the thighs and almost four feet tall. And then, unexpectedly this animal’s wings spread huge and glorious- a wedge tail eagle. We kept commenting on this observation truly impressed for hours to come.

We stopped once today at Wave Rock. A granite formation shaped by water the red and black streaked edifice rose from the ground to tower hundreds of feet above us. We climbed the slippery yet rough rock and saw for miles in all directions.

Hitting the road after this side trip we were home in a short three hours, tired of driving, tight in the shoulders, however extremely happy to be with family!


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