Journey Through Japan

Day 8, 08JAN2017

Josh and I received a ride from Tony today after our, yet again, awesome breakfast. Climbing into the van I almost forgot my laptop – it was plugged into the charger at North Point – wouldn’t that have been awful if I forgot it? How else would I be able to bore you readers with these lengthy tales? We dropped Josh’s snowboard off with Foley at Jam Lodge, and then caught the local bus from Hirafu to Kutchan Train Station.

Being one bag lighter (sans Josh’s snowboard bag) makes a world of difference when travelling. Josh and I tried out a handful of random drinks from the Kutchan Train Station vending machines before boarding our midday set of trains back to Tokyo.

Today’s travels were quick, but there was a great deal of sitting around. When we finally rolled into Tokyo after eight hours on three separate trains we were greeted with rain. This caused us to rethink our strategy on how to get to our new AirBnB – we originally considered taking only one train and then walking. Instead we opted to train and subway all the way to our new home.

The Tokyo Sky Tree Apartment run by Reina is a cute little one-room apartment equipped with everything a traveler might need. Although it was located by the Oshiage subway line, and thus we had to pay for a 170 yen subway trip each day in order to navigate to a JR (JR lines were free for us) line, we really were in a great place in Tokyo. A stone’s throw away was the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower, one station over was the Senso-Ji Temple, and two stations away was the Ryoguku Sumo Stadium. Before calling it a night we mapped out a day of sightseeing for tomorrow – very, very excited!


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