Journey Through Japan

DAY 19, 19JAN2017

We departed the Kyoto Guesthouse around 1000 this morning, our backpacks loaded and goodbyes shared. The Kyoto Station was busy, but Josh and I found a Kyoto Shizu bakery, procured an assortment of pastries, and awaited our bullet train’s arrival in the lounge.

Once aboard the shinkansen I feverishly tried to catch up on blog posts, while Josh enjoyed his newfound hobby: reading Pokemon Manga.


The train wove, extremely fast, through countryside, old homes, and with a final turn around the mountains we arrived mid-afternoon at the Tokyo JR Train Station.

As per usual the Tokyo station was crammed with people but not nearly as hectic as the Kyoto JR Station – how this manages to be reality I haven’t the slightest clue. Perhaps Tokyo has enough locals in the throngs of train users that the crowd just knows how to navigate in a fluid, uninterrupted mass; whereas Kyoto’s station has more dazed and confused tourists trying to get their Japanese public transportation bearings?

The Keiyo Rapid Line transported us from Tokyo, past Disney, to our new AirBnB home in the Shin-Urayasu neighborhood. The apartment complex is one of several on this portion of Tokyo Bay and from our seventh floor we can see the Sea and the choppy waves caused by the wind.

Nonstop tourist travel has caught up to us today and as such we decided to take it easy this afternoon. After grabbing a late lunch at the mall around the corner, we curled up in our new surrounds – I started my scrapbook with various entry and train tickets, and Josh continued studying Japanese. By nightfall we were watching Netflix and readying ourselves for the long day of Disney tomorrow.


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