Argentinian Adventure VI

Day 28, 28JAN2017

Today was a short and lazy day. Josh looked into the handcrafted map Barbera sent us with numerous restaurant recommendations and he settled upon Cumano.

Yes, we started our day at lunch time!

Cumano is a red-painted restaurant specializing in all things “horno” or stone oven. We ordered empanadas and a sweet potato packed with melted cheese, walnuts, sweet corn, and honey for starters. This paired with a litre of beer was not a bad start to the day!

Shortly thereafter an American duo of friends came and sat next to us, having just returned from a fabulous cruise to Antarctica. We happily spent the next two hours sharing travel memories and life stories in general.

For our main dishes Josh ordered a calzone, and I ordered a pasta casserole with spinach and cheese. Both were cooked in the stone oven and came out oozing and bubbly. Neither of us expected the amount of food we ordered to be so large, and so thankful for our neighbors’ conversations we ate extremely slow making room in our ever expanding stomachs for the deliciousness.

After lunch Josh and I – you guessed it – called it a night. We honestly felt no rush today and furthermore weren’t too concerned about walking anywhere after two days of distance bike riding and walking. Instead we enjoyed a cheese platter for dinner accompanied by Netflix!


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