Argentinian Adventure VIII

Day 30, 30JAN2017

Today was our last day in Buenos Aires and it turned out to be a really weird day because of timing. We worked with our AirBnB host to extend our check out time to 1400, which was fabulous because today was the hottest on record for our travels and being outside was instantaneously sweat inducing.

However when 1400 came around we had to proceed to the bus station to await our 1945 overnight bus to Mendoza.

Thankfully the bus station offered a luggage holding service. This was greatly appreciated – and only cost $9 US – because it meant we could spend the remainder of the afternoon wandering through the humidity without massive packs on our back.

Once we had the packs stored our first (and only objective) was to find air conditioning. Although the bus station was huge and several stories tall facilitating the most common and reliable travel throughout Argentina, the place lacked air-conditioning and with the heat measuring well over 43 degree Celsius this afternoon being indoors or outdoors did not matter – you’d sweat in the stagnate heat no matter what.

We managed to find a cheap pizza place in the neighboring train station with air conditioning and so spent an extended hour there before over-using our welcome, we then tramped to an indoor café, but after another hour we had yet again over stayed our welcome.

It was finally 1730 and we returned to the bus station, but the heat was still invasive. We had no choice but to endure it.

We purchased a pack of cards and spent the next two hours playing games and sharing liters of cheap beer.

Finally our bus arrived and we were estatic! The double decker Andesmar bus was a first class bus and we were in for a treat. Per Josh’s research recommendations I reserved the front two seats upstairs on the bus. This allowed for us to watch the road whisk by as we traveled the next 13 hours. Well, not really. It was pitch black since we were traveling overnight, but even in the darkness you could see the bus driver was exceptional at his job – we swayed in the wind yet stayed on course. The traffic was fairly hectic, but riding into the sunset was unbeatable.

The first class buses are highly recommended. They include a game of bingo – Josh and I practiced our Spanish numbers and nearly won! They also have personal entertainment TV touch screens and several of the options were in English. The service includes wine, champagne, coffee, juice, and a hot dinner and breakfast.

But best of all the first class seats mean you have a seat that reclines a full 180 degrees into a proper bed. They outfit you with a pillow and blanket and there are curtains you can close to put yourself in near perfect darkness, if anything this provides privacy.

When we rolled into Mendoza the next day we were well rested!


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