The Argentinian Adventure II

Day 24, 24JAN2017

As one can imagine, after twenty hours of sleep and rest, Josh and I were exceptionally hungry when we awoke mid-morning.

Our first objective was to find a bank so that we could obtain Argentinian pesos. Banks and most businesses in Argentina work on an entirely different timeline than that which we are used to. For starters, Argentinians start their day with a light breakfast, perhaps a small croissant (medalunas), and a coffee (café con leche).

Our search for a hearty breakfast after a 24-hour fast met no success.

Furthermore we discovered banks did not open until 1000, so at 0900 when we were in search of breakfast and an ATM we were met with misfortune. We settled for a place that took credit card and ordered off the lunch menu much to the confusion of the waiter.

After the bank and a small brunch we returned to our apartment determined to take it easy today. Which we did. We only left our apartment one more time today to destroy a platter of empanadas. After seven empanadas, two litres of cervesa, and a platter of papas fritas Josh and I were content to spend the remainder of the day watching Netflix.

Perfect weather to netflix and chill

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