Argentinian Adventure IX

Day 31, 31JAN2017

The last day of our first full month of traveling!

Today we arrived in Mendoza around 0800, nearly a whole hour ahead of schedule. This may seem great to some – more time to hit the renowned wineries! But to us, it  meant we arrived too early for our AirBnB and we had to wait outside the home with our packs until our host woke up at 0900.

Our new AirBnB was hosted by Roccio, a friend of the actual house owners who were on vacation. The home itself is so cute! Set along a somewhat busy road, the house has a brick entry wall and once inside it is as if you’re in another world. The home owner rents out two parts of their home: a bedroom upstairs and a granny house in the back yard. Josh and I were renting the bedroom upstairs which meant we were treated to the house’s beautiful artwork every day. We couldn’t tell if the homeowners painted all the stuff in the house, there were some truly gorgeous pieces and some eclectic pieces, but Roccio did not speak English so asking was out of the question.

The backyard in the home came equipped with a blow up kiddie pool, and Josh and I made use of this cooling article today. In our bedroom we did not have air conditioning and Mendoza is a desert so once the morning’s cooler air warms up you’re surrounded by relentless dry heat. The pool, no matter what age it’s intended users are, was wonderful!

We met our fellow AirBnB guests staying in the granny home this afternoon. Jen and Adrian are from Scotland and we made fast friends. This evening they were off for a horseback riding trip, so Josh and I wandered into town on our own for lunch/dinner.

We couldn’t have found a more perfect bite to eat than in Dogxie “New York Style Hot Dogs” on Vilanueva. Vilanueva is one of two restaurant and bar thick streets in Mendoza and most certainly is a powerful contender for its most “hipster” street. For this reason, Josh and I immediately decided we loved Mendoza more than Buenos Aires. There were far more people our age enjoying the atmosphere along the street in al fresco seating than we’d seen in more business-like Buenos Aires.

Josh and I ordered the set meal: a deluxe hot dog with French fries and an artisanal beer on tap. Josh opted for the BBQ hot dog laden with pulled pork and grilled onions. I chose the Columbian which came with chili con carne and three types of tangy melted cheese. The papas fritas at this place though – my goodness! Thick as a quarter of a whole potato, grilled, and then tossed in chili salt the fries come paired with the house-made sauces: BBQ, sweet ketchup, mayonnaise, or a tangy and thick mustard.

Evening’s Sunset from our Room

After Dogxie we wandered home along the trickling irrigation canals that line the Mendoza streets and settled in our home for an early evening. Tomorrow is wine tasting day!


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