Argentinian Adventure XVII

Day 39, 08FEB2017

Our last day in our favorite place in Argentina!

Josh and I woke up and went for a walk along the vineyards today. It was our last day on the farm and we wanted to spend as much time in the field as possible. The night before the “storm” had damage the municipal irrigation canals, and so in the late morning the authorities joined us to clear the area up. Afterwards Josh, Vincent and I strolled up and down the Pinot and Chardonnay vines collecting grapes to test for sugar and pH factors.

Vincent sells his grapes to local wineries/bodegas and as the picking season draws closer its important to communicate the sugar and acidity levels to the wine makers. Meanwhile, Josh and I were spoiled and allowed to taste the grapes from the vine. Yet another instance where we were treated to tasting wine grapes. They definitely are different from table grapes!

After work, we shared a few glasses of beer then turned in for a siesta – a magnificent storm wooshed its way into the area so we couldn’t hang out outside anyways.

After the storm Vincent offered to take Josh and I on a magnificent plane ride. The man is a farmer, a friend, and a pilot. Seriously cool dude.

San Rafael’s flying club provides members access to various small aircraft and Vincent managed to reserve the newest and largest for the three of us to enjoy a sunset flight into the Andes, past volcanoes, over a uranium mine, several farms, vineyards, places that looked like they hosted dinosaur bones, and then San Rafael proper.

The best part? Josh was even allowed to fly! He did very well, and I mean this, because I had to sit in the back and I felt entirely fine what with my proneness to motion sickness.


After the flight and a few congratulatory and good bye toasts, Vincent dropped us off at the San Rafael bus station. This exceptional chapter in our travels was ending, but the memories and the great friendships will last forever.


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